Strickland Suzuki Strings

Zoom is programmed to cancel out background noise and make it easier to hear the speaker's voice. Unfortunately, it thinks that musical instruments are background noise! While you don't need to do this if you're just attending a Zoom Group Class, if you're playing for others in Zoom Group or having a Zoom Lesson you do need to use original audio in order to be heard. 

There are TWO things you need to do - the first is only once per device, the second is at the start of every meeting. 

Below are instructions and screenshots for iPhone. It will be similar, though some of the buttons may be in a different place on the screen, for iPad. (If you're on a computer, click here for instructions.)

ONCE per device (these settings stay with the device, not the account)

1. Tap on the screen so you see the arrow in the top left corner. Tap on that arrow.

2. The screen that comes up when you click on that should look something like this. Click on the three dots/"more" in the lower right corner

3. The screen that pops up will look something like this. Scroll until you see "Settings", and click on "Meetings" under that

4. Scroll to the "Audio" section and make sure the "Use Original Audio" toggle is ON (green)

5. Now you're set with the ONCE per device part! Tap on the picture in the top right to go back to a normal meeting. 


Scroll through the icons at the bottom until you get three dots/"more" at the bottom right, and click on that

6. Tap on "Enable Original Sound" to turn it on, or "Disable Original Sound" to turn it off. Be careful with this, not only will the instrument you're playing be heard better, but so will background noises like dishes rattling in the kitchen or papers rustling in the background!