Strickland Suzuki Strings

Why Group Classes?

Group classes offer the opportunity to explore things we can’t do in private lessons. And they provide a sense of connection with others on a similar musical journey. Group classes are an important part of a well-rounded experience!


While no one is expected to attend every class, it is expected that you will make a reasonable effort to attend at least 50% of the classes. 

Class Assignments:

~ Whether Zoom or in person, students will be assigned to a particular class based on their age. Instruments studied and level will vary.

~ Siblings may find it more confident to attend the same class, even if assigned to different groups.

~ You are always welcome to visit groups the next age older/younger. All Zoom groups use the same link. 

For the 2023-24 School Year Zoom Groups will be divided as follows:

~ ages 4-8

~ ages 9-13

~ ages 14-adult


Group classes are included in your tuition plan. There is no additional charge for participating, and no discount for not participating. You’re encouraged to attend/participate as much as possible!

GROUP CLASSES are offered in two formats:

Weekly Zoom Groups

Weekly Zoom Groups focus on two primary areas:

1. Music Exploration: learning about a composer, piece, instrument, performer, or genre. What or Who do you want to learn about? Topic suggestions are welcome!

2. Solo performance: particularly as we near recitals/Festival in the Spring, students will have the opportunity to play their pieces for friends in group. This helps build comfort and confidence with public performance.

~ Additionally, we may explore rhythm or music theory activities that can be done together online. 

~ Weekly Zoom Groups are scheduled at the same time throughout the year. 

~ They are recorded and a link is shared with everyone so that those who missed can keep up. (Please use the links you receive for yourself only, and do NOT share them in any way.)

You may join your Zoom group one of three ways:

1. Click on the link in any automatic email reminder

2. Log in to the studio website and click on the event in the calendar or on the home page

3. Open your Zoom account, go to “join meeting” and type in the 10-digit number from the link in your reminder email.

Monthly In Person Groups

In Person Groups are offered approximately once a month. The schedule varies, depending on who is available when any given month. Dates will be announced via email in advance, and surveys sent to gauge availability and set class times for that month. 

In Person Groups focus on two primary areas:

1. Music Theory activities - using materials from Music Mind Games and other sources. A fun way to learn!

2. Ensemble Playing - playing together is an important skill that takes time to develop. Playing with peers is different from playing with your teacher in lessons!

This Document contains information about In Person Groups and other Special Events or the 2023-24 School Year.

Updated July 14, 2023. Subject to amendment