Strickland Suzuki Strings

Materials and Supplies

  • Violin/viola:
    • Young children can start on a “box violin”. You can make your own purchase one Young beginners will spend anywhere from a few weeks to a few months on a box violin before being ready to “graduate” to a “real” instrument. Older beginners typically start on a real instrument. In the consultation prior to beginning lessons we will discuss what is right for your child.
    • When ready for an instrument, it is imperative to have the right size. Too big will not only be difficult to play but can actually cause injury! We will determine the best size in the consultation. When starting out it can be helpful to rent at first. Most companies have an option where you build up credit towards eventual purchase, and can also easily trade in for the next size up. Look into several companies policies to decide what is best for your needs. Strickland Suzuki String's preferred local source for instrument rental, sales, and maintenance is Evans Violins 
  • Piano:
    • You will want the best instrument possible. What ever your needs and budget, Piano Solutions probably has something to offer!
    • Acoustic instruments need to be in the best mechanical condition possible, and tuned regularly.
    • If using a digital keyboard make sure it has a complete set of  88, full-size, weighted, touch sensitive, keys. 
    • Young students really need support for good posture. Any student starting about age 10 or younger should seriously consider purchasing a pedal extender such as the PE2 from or similar. 
    • Additional equipment such as adjustable bench/chair, foot supports, or firm seat cushions can be found at 

  • Other Materials: In addition to renting or purchasing an instrument, you will need to acquire various items from this list as needed:    
    • Music books (Suzuki violin books and others for music reading/theory, supplementary repertoire.)
    • Recordings of Suzuki pieces to be learned. (Available as CDs or download from iTunes or Amazon.)
    • Various accessories and instrument supplies such as shoulder rests, chin rests, rosin; instrument maintenance such as bow rehair or new strings.
    • Equipment to facilitate home practice: music stand, listening device, age appropriate practice helpers such as dice, cards, notebooks, metronome, tuner.

Updated September 27, 2023. Subject to change with reasonable notice.