Strickland Suzuki Strings

In Lessons


It is Strickland Suzuki Strings policy that an adult MUST be present in the room during the lesson of any student age 17 or younger.

Parental involvement is key to student success, both in lessons and at home– though it will  take varying forms depending on the child’s age and level and individual personality.   

Pre-school children will need the most guidance from the parent .

Elementary age children will typically do fine with parents simply observing the lesson and occasionally assisting at home as assigned by the teacher.

High school age students may seem independent, but will still need appropriate parental support, as discussed in lessons

Getting the Most from Your Lesson Time:

Take Notes. Use the forms provided, or bring a notebook. Watch for What to practice (piece, section, specific skill), How to practice (what to watch for, number of repetitions, breaking down or integrating skills), and Why (the goal or teaching point of a specific assignment). For some technical demonstrations you may wish to take photos or videos.

Please remember the ONE TEACHER at a time guideline! It is confusing to children to have two adults telling them what to do at the same time. Let me be the one to instruct your child. Watch so that you will know how best to help them at home. If you have observations or questions, please direct them to me, not your child.

For more on parental involvement and roles, read “Beyond the Music Lessons: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families” by Christine E.Goodner.

Siblings are welcome, even encouraged to be present, in lessons. However, they need to behave in such a way that the parent’s primary focus can be on the child taking the lesson. Please bring appropriate materials to keep siblings occupied quietly in one place during lessons. 


At all times, please remember to Be Kind

Updated  September 10, 2021. Subject to change with reasonable notice.