Strickland Suzuki Strings


It is expected that you will attend all scheduled lessons. However, it is a normal part of life that occasional unavoidable conflicts arise. 

Please notify me as far in advance as possible of any known or anticipated schedule conflicts.

  • As soon as the schedule conflict is known we will try to find a reschedule option.
  • If we can’t find a reschedule option at the time of notification, a make-up credit will be issued good for up to 30 days from the original date. 
  • If we do not find a workable reschedule option to use the make-up credit in those 30 days the lesson will simply be missed. There will be no tuition adjustment.    

 The Suzuki approach recognizes the vital role PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT plays in a student’s learning process, and as such strives to foster a connection between parent and teacher, and give the parent tools to help their child. For very young children the parent will be directly involved in both lessons and practice. For older students the parent may be less directly involved, but observation is still important. 

  • One of the most important things a parent of any student can do is take notes during lessons. Here’s a link to an optional form to use: 
  • ONE TEACHER AT A TIME: even when helping your child with an online lesson, which necessitates more involvement and instruction-giving from that parent than usual, it is helpful to remember this guideline. I will try to be quiet when you are helping your child, and ask you to also give your child the opportunity to try and listen to what I’m asking and only “interpret” if it’s clear they didn’t hear or understand. Quite simply, it can be overwhelming for anyone to receive simultaneous instruction from two or more sources. We want to minimize that possible frustration for your child.
  • Whether online or in person, a parent or other adult  must be present for the entire lesson of all students age 12 and younger.
  • For students aged 13-17 it is still expected that a parent will be present for most lessons. In the event of an occasional conflict when a parent can’t attend the lesson will be recorded on Zoom or another platform and made available for the parent to review.
  • Students aged 18 and older do not need a parent or 3rd person present.               Studio-wide scheduling adjustments happen twice a year; before the start of the new school year, and before the beginning of Summer Session. You will receive notification about a month in advance of each. Minor adjustments based on individual need may be made at any time, depending on availability.


Alternate-weeks Policy:

From time to time students inquire about scheduling lessons on alternate weeks, instead of weekly. For many reasons, this is usually not a good idea. In order for me to consider alternate weeks instead of weekly lessons, the student must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Age 18 or older.
  2. Played for at least 3 years/skill level approximately book 3 or higher.
  3. "Hobbyist" just checking in on repertoire and maintaining skills, not working to advance technique.
  4. Lesson time scheduled "off peak", while most students are still in school or after 7:00 pm.
  5. Other circumstances such as distance, work, or financial constraints.


 Discontinuing lessons: 

 The time will eventually come when you will move on from Strickland Suzuki Strings – whether for a family move, pursuing other interests, or needing something different than what is offered here. Please communicate in a timely manner so that we may facilitate the smoothest transition possible. Ideally we would know for at least a semester that change was coming, and could use that time to prepare for it. Changes mid-semester require at least a month’s notice to allow for calculation of final payment.  


Updated July 3, 2020. Subject to amendment as needed.