Attendance Policy: It is expected that students will honor their reserved lesson time. Sometimes though  “life happens” and circumstances arise preventing you from being able to keep that commitment. 

  • Swapping: If you know in advance you can’t make your regular lesson time, you may wish to look at the calendar and reach out to someone about swapping lesson times for that week. Preferred contact info will be included with each listing on the calendar. Once you have arranged a swap, simply let me know! If you are contacted about swapping you are under no obligation to swap if it’s not convenient for you. However if you can be flexible and help someone out it’s appreciated! Swapping needs to be between students with the same lesson length, or where there is enough time open for the longer lesson. Please respect the contact info provided and use only for arranging swaps. 
  • Students are allowed to reschedule up to 2 lessons per semester, with a minimum of 1 week’s notice. We will try to work out a reschedule time as close to the original lesson time as possible. At least three reschedule times, on at least two different dates, will be offered. If none of those work out the lesson will simply be missed. 
  • With less than a week’s notice a lesson will simply be missed.
    • Exception: student may have one same-day cancellation per semester for illness and receive a reschedule option.
  • No reschedules for groups or other non-lesson events. (Though you are welcome to visit another group class if there's room.)
  • It is the policy of Strickland Suzuki Strings that a parent or other responsible adult be present for all lessons of students under the age of 18.


Scheduling  lessons can be a challenge! I will give you as many options as possible, and appreciate your flexibility as I work to accommodate everyone's scheduling needs. Once you’re time is set it is understood you are committing to that slot for the semester, if not the entire year. If your child adds an activity that conflicts with their lesson or group schedule there is no guarantee that a different time will be available.

Snow days: 

Strickland Suzuki Strings does NOT automatically cancel lessons when MCCSC cancels for weather. The reason is that while some days the weather is bad in the morning necessitating a school cancellation, but by lesson time in the afternoon/evening roads a clear enough for travel to be safe. And on the other time some days there is school, but by late afternoon/evening lessons weather conditions change and it's no longer safe to travel.

The deciding factor is whether it is safe to travel on the roads at the time of your lesson. On days where conditions are questionable we will communicate via email and/or text to clarify whether or not lessons will take place.

Alternate-weeks Policy:

From time to time students inquire about scheduling lessons on alternate weeks, instead of weekly. For many reasons, this is usually not a good idea. In order for me to consider alternate weeks instead of weekly lessons, the student must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1.) age 18 or older.

2.) played for at least 3 years/skill level approximately book 3 or higher.

3.) "hobbyist" just checking in on repertoire and maintaining skills, not working to advance technique.

4.) lesson time scheduled "off peak", while most students are still in school or after 7:00 pm.

5.) other circumstances such as distance and/or financial constraints.


Website: I use to host my studio website. You will be given a personal username and login when signing up for lessons. Among other things, the website keeps a calendar of lessons and other events, sends automatic reminders, and facilitates invoicing and payment.


  Updated August 10, 2019. Subject to edits as needed.