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Every challenge you encounter as a student or a parent as already been faced by someone else, and there are many resources out there to help you through!

Favorite Books

~ For background on Suzuki and the "Mother Tongue Method" the go-to book is "Nurtured by Love"

Suzuki, Shin'ichi, et al. Nurtured by Love: Translated from the Original Japanese Text. Alfred Music Publishing Co., Inc., 2012.

~ The book that ALL families in my studio should own, read, and re-read is "Beyond the Music Lesson". This will help you incorporate music into your life and get the most both in the moment and for the long-term out of your investment in music lessons. 

Goodner, Christine. Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families. Brookside Suzuki Strings, 2017.

~ New from the same author, a workbook to help you and your child practice effectively. "Positive Practice".

Goodner, Christine E. Positive Practice: 5 Steps to Help Your Child Develop a Love of Music. Brookside Suzuki Strings, LLC, 2018.

~ Everyone has practice challenges. "Time to Practice: A Companion For Parents" helps the parent understand themselves and their child, and then use that to develop effective practice strategies. You'll come back to it multiple times in your child's development!

Reuning-Hummel, Carrie. Time to Practice: A Companion For Parents. Sound Carries Press, 2006

~ Bring a little humor into your practice planning through "Not Until You've Done Your Practice!"

 Johnston, P. and Sutton, D. (2000). Not until you've done your practice!. Pearce, ACT: FuturePerfect.

~ My approach to teaching is strongly influenced by the "teaching priorities" in "Teaching from the Balance Point"

Kreitman, Edward. Teaching from the Balance Point: a Guide for Suzuki Parents, Teachers, and Students. Western Springs School of Talent Education, 1998.

Favorite Websites

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