Strickland Suzuki Strings

Tuition Info August 2021 through July 2022


It is the policy of Strickland Suzuki Strings that a parent or other responsible adult 

be present for all lessons of students age 17 and younger.

Lesson Lengths & Levels:

  • 30 minutes - one student, beginner (cannot be shared/split)

  • 40 minutes - one student, book 2, or two family members

  • 50 minutes - one student, book 3, or two family members

  • 60 minutes - one student book 4, or two-three family members

  • 70 minutes - two or more family members

  • 80 minutes - two or more family members

  • 90 minutes - two or more family members

Monthly Tuition:

  • 30 minutes - $90

  • 40 minutes - $110

  • 50 minutes - $130

  • 60 minutes - $150

  • 70 minutes - $170

  • 80 minutes - $190

  • 90 minutes - $210


  • Tuition is based on 36 lessons between July 2021 - August 2022

  • There are 42 lesson weeks on the calendar

    • The extra weeks in the calendar allow for flexibility to still get in the minimum number of lessons if teacher or student need to cancel a particular week and a reschedule option can’t be found

    • This also allows for flexible Summer scheduling, especially if families have busy schedules and only want a couple of lessons in the Summer

    • Most lessons will be received during the school year

    • Payment will remain the same each month, regardless of the number of lessons

    • Students are not required to stop when they get to 36 lessons, you’re encouraged to get up to the full 42  if the teacher is available, as a “loyalty reward bonus”!

  • Students who start later than the first week of the semester will have their tuition prorated based on how many lesson opportunities are left in the year

  • Extra expenses such as for books/other materials/competition entry fees may be added as they occur

Invoices are automatically generated the 1st of the month, due by the 15th. You may pay via PayPal, Venmo, or personal check.


Family Discount

Families are charged tuition based on the total combined lesson length of all participating family members, instead of the individual rates. For example, a family with two 30-minute lessons will be charged the 60-minute rate of $150, instead of two 30-minute rates $90x2=$180.


Scholarships: If your family is facing financial hardship making it difficult to afford lessons, please inquire about applying for a need-based scholarship through the Music Link Foundation.

2021-22 Calendar

Updated June 26, 2021. Subject to amendment as needed.