Strickland Suzuki Strings

Tuition Information

Applicable to the 2020-2021 Calendar of Lessons


  • 30-minute lessons, $90 per month
  • 45-minute lessons, $120 per month    
  • 60-minute lessons, $150 per month
  • 75-minute lessons, $180 per month
  • 90-minute lessons, $210 per month    

Strickland Suzuki Strings is a year-round program, August through July. Tuition covers 36 lessons in that 12-month period, a similar number of group classes, and recitals or other special events as offered. It does not cover books or competition entry fees, which will be added to your invoice when charged. 

There are actually 42 lesson weeks on the calendar, not including scheduled breaks. The additional lesson weeks beyond 36 are bonus. If I have an illness or family/other event and need to take time off, I can take off up to 6 unscheduled weeks in the year without offering make-up lessons or tuition adjustments and still be offering you the 36 lessons that your tuition is based on. It is however unlikely that I will need that many weeks off. What is more likely is that you will get at least several “bonus” weeks at no additional cost!

Invoices are automatically generated the 1st of the month, due by the 15th. You may pay via PayPal, Venmo, or personal check. 

Students who begin after the first week of the Fall Term 2020, or have other special circumstances such as moving mid-year, will have their tuition prorated based on the number of actual  weeks divided by months of payment. This may result in your monthly tuition for 2020-21 being slightly higher or lower than listed above.

Recommended lesson lengths based on age and level:

  • 30-minutes: One student any age through book 1 level. Two very young family members may share one 30-minute lesson.
  • 45-minutes: One student who is older and/or in book 2 or 3. Can also be shared by two family members as appropriate for their age/level.
  • 60-minutes: One older student in book 4 or beyond. Can also be shared by two or more family members, as appropriate for their age/level.
  • 75-minutes: Shared by 2 or more family members, as appropriate for their age/level.
  • 90-minutes: Shared by 2 or more family members, as appropriate for their age/level.


Families are charged tuition based on the total combined lesson length of all participating family members, instead of the individual rates. This typically results in a $30 per month discount. (For example, a family with two 30-minute lessons will be charged the 60-minute rate of $150, instead of two 30-minute rates $90x2=$180.)

Scholarships: If your family is facing financial hardship making it difficult to afford lessons, in particular due to the circumstances resulting from COVID-19, please inquire about applying for a need-based scholarship through the Music Link Foundation. 

    Updated July 3, 2020. Subject to amendment as needed.