Strickland Suzuki Strings

At Home

  • Creating the best learning environment possible is key to success in anything, including music lessons. Some important elements of the learning environment include Listening, Community, and Practice.  
    • Listening is key in the Suzuki approach to music. Learning a language is easier, even natural, when you are surrounded by that language being spoken. The same is true of music learning. You will want to be sure you are listening to recordings of the Suzuki pieces you’ll be learning (available as CDs or download from Amazon or iTunes) as well as a variety of other music.
    • Community is also crucial to successful learning. The most frequent way we achieve community is through weekly group classes that all students and parents attend in addition to private lessons.
    • Practice is necessary for growth. When you are working on your schedule you need to take into account not only lesson and group class times, but also when and where to practice.

  • Continuing education is not just for your child! Every struggle you encounter on the music lesson journey with your child has been faced by many others, and there are many resources to help! Plan on actively reading recommended books and online articles to guide you through the ups and downs of lessons and parenting.
  • For more on creating the best possible learning environment, read "Beyond the Music Lessons: Habits of Successful Suzuki Familes” by Christine E.Goodner.

Updated August 17, 2018. Subject to change with reasonable notice.