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The calendar is now open for scheduling your Summer 2024 Lessons!


Summer Scheduling Facts:

~ Schedule of Summer 2024 Lesson Days is on the 3rd page of  this document

~ Summer scheduling is “first come, first serve”. However, If there are no available times that work for you a particular week you can let me know what times would work and I can explore whether it’s convenient for someone to swap times. (If you’re asked to swap and are able to, thank you! If you can’t and need to keep your original time, that is fine.)

~ Summer schedule is flexible, you can be as consistent as you’d like about your days/times, or not! You may reserve as far ahead as you’d like, or go on a week-to-week basis. If you have a tight schedule or need a longer block of time we should get you on the calendar as soon as possible.

~ At the end of each week I’ll send an email to everyone who isn’t scheduled the following week (and who hasn’t informed me that they’re not available that week) reminding you of the open spaces the coming week. 

~ You do not need to have a lesson every week in Summer - most of you will only need 2-4 lessons to get the full number for your tuition package.

~ You are encouraged to get as many lessons as fit your schedule - any beyond the tuition package are “Loyalty Reward Bonus” lessons at no extra charge!


~ Students who discontinue before completing the number of lessons/payments in their tuition package will have their lessons received to date set to the per lesson rate, and that total compared with payments to date. Since for most of the year we’re running ahead in lessons and behind in payments (with the balance to be made up by the summer payments), discontinuing early typically results in about one extra month’s payment owed

~ Schedule for the next school year is set during the Summer, with the availability information and preferences of the students who continue through the Summer. Students who discontinued for the Summer are welcome back in the Fall, but there's no guarantee that there will be any available spaces remaining; - and if there are, that they will be at times that work you. If you have a tight schedule in the school year it's worth continuing in Summer, even if just a few lessons, so that you can be assured of a place in the Fall! 

Summer Schedule How-To:

  1. Log in to (Contact me if you need your login again.)

  2. Navigate to the calendar, and to the month you’re scheduling for.

  3. Look at the Pink “Available Slot” listings - you may need to click on “Search” in the top right corner of your calendar and check the “Show Full Events” box.

  4. Email or text me to request the dates and times you’d like to reserve from what is listed as “Available”. If you need a very specific time, or have some flexibility, please include that info too. (If you’re wanting an in person lesson note which location the availability listed is for.)

~ I will add people’s lessons to the calendar in the order in which I’ve received the email or text. Will try to do so as promptly as possible so others are looking at accurate availability, but there may be a several hour delay between when I receive the request and am able to update the calendar. 

~ Watch this video to understand what you’re looking at/for in the calendar. 

Summer Groups and Recital:

Zoom Groups:

~ Our Theme this Summer is “What is THAT?!” and will feature a variety of instruments that look and sound “different” than what we may be accustomed to. 

~ Classes are designed so that you can join from anywhere - home, car, beach, wherever you are! 

~ Note groups and times listed below - some of you may be in a different group than previously due to adjusting for year of birth. 

~ If you can’t come to your group you’re welcome to visit the next age older/younger.

  • Tuesdays 5:00-5:30 - Birth Years 2016 and Younger

  • Wednesdays 5:00-5:30 - Birth Years 2010-Adult

  • Thursdays 5:00-5:30 - Birth Years 2011-2015

In Person Groups

We will continue with monthly In Person Groups in June and July. 

Bloomington: “Marvelous Mondays”

~ June 3 (back up date June 10)

~ July 8 (back up date July 15)

~ Availability surveys will be emailed about 10 days in advance, with groups set as soon as I have received sufficient responses.

Plainfield: since this is a smaller number of families and is at my home, we’ll talk about which dates are best for everyone. Conversation to start in late May!

Playing Party and Picnic in the Park

~ Our fun “Summer Recital” event returns this year on Saturday July 20th

~We’ll again be at the Lion’s Den Shelter of Upper Cascades Park in Bloomington.

~This year there will be TWO options:

  1. MORNING/LUNCH: arrive 10:30, recital 11:00, potluck lunch to follow 

  2. AFTERNOON/SUPPER: arrive 3:30, recital 4:00, potluck supper to follow

~ If you already know you’ll be here on that date you can go ahead and click on the event in the studio calendar and register to participate! 

Looking forward to hearing from you about scheduling your Summer 2024 lessons!

Miss Sarah

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