Weekly Group Class

Weekly Group Classes are an important part of student development. There are so many things that we cover in groups that simply can’t be fully addressed in weekly private lessons! All students are expected to attend weekly group classes in addition to their weekly private lesson.


In weekly group class students learn ensemble playing skills as well as grow comfortable playing in front of others. The preview and review inherent in a multi-level class is highly beneficial. In weekly groups we also cover music theory concepts there isn’t sufficient time for in private lessons. For theory I draw heavily from Music Mind Games ™, and other resources as needed.


Whenever possible group classes and private lessons will be scheduled on different days, so as to no over-tire the students. In some circumstances, such as families who travel far or have very tight schedules, a student’s private lessons and group may be on the same day. If they are younger and this is the case we will try to make sure there is a gap between lesson and group so they are refreshed. Older students may be fine with consecutive lessons/group classes.

The weekly group you’re part of will be arranged based on the following factors:

  1. Availability
  2. Age
  3. Level
  4. Instrument

We will likely have some mixed instrument, mixed level groups.

If you will be missing a weekly group please let me know in advance. While there will not be make ups offered for weekly groups, you are welcome to visit another weekly group (pending sufficient space.)

In weekly group class we only have one "rule", "Be Kind". Here we explore what "Be Kind" means in different aspects of weekly group class. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gKEz9vZpIyWeyakTs853D9s6e6e07ItbMHtmOJ1LpL8

 Updated  August 26, 2019. Subject to edits as needed.