Strickland Suzuki Strings

Hello everyone, and a special welcome to our new students who will be beginning lessons next week! 

As we prepare to begin the new year, please take a few moments and make sure you’re all set regarding the following areas:

Info up to date:

Please log in to, click on your name in the top right of the home page, select “Profile Settings”, and make sure the following information is correct:

  • Name(s) spelled correctly
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone
  • Student birth date (for child students, optional for adults)

Techy stuff:

  • Device: Zoom seems to have more features available from a laptop than other devices. 
  • Connectivity: internet connections seem to be more stable when the computer is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable, as opposed to WiFi. 
  • View for me: Please make sure the student’s full torso, arms/hands/fingers, and face are visible on screen. (Most of you are doing pretty good, but just make sure you’re always aware of these points.)
  • View for you: the larger your screen, the easier it will be for you to see me! While a phone can work, using a laptop or other device with a larger screen will make it easier for the student.
  • Audio: Please be sure you have updated your audio settings. Log in to and type “turn on original sound” for a step-by-step list of instructions. You want to “enable original sound”, and disable “suppress background noise”. 
  • Zoom contact list: please make sure you’ve added to your Zoom contact list. This makes it easier for me to invite you to a group class if needed.

Practice “Menu”: 

For taking notes during lessons, as well as keeping track of what you’ve practiced during the week, I highly recommend you print the Practice Menu linked above. Note that there are two tabs to select from, “portrait” and “landscape” layouts. To save paper you may wish to print double-sided. Don’t have a printer? I’m happy to leave copies for you to pick up from the secure bin at the studio!

Group Supplies: 

Elementary (and younger) students should print pages 2, 3, 6, 8 from the above document as we will be needing them for some music theory activities in group classes. Put in transparent plastic sheet protectors and you can write on them with dry erase markers and the wipe off! Again, if you need printed copies, plastic sheet protectors, or dry erase markers, let me know and I’ll happily leave some for you to pick up. (Siblings in the same group class should have their own sets.)

Practice Thoughts:

    Many of us are experiencing changes in our daily and weekly schedules as school starts up again. This provides a wonderful opportunity to evaluate how we fit practice into our lives! Just as we make sure we plan time into our days to eat, sleep, brush teeth, do homework, exercise, etc, we should build practice (not just lessons) into our daily and weekly schedules. Here’s a helpful article on the value of routine/habit over will power

Thanks to everyone who already paid their August invoice! If you have any difficulty paying by the due date of August 15th please feel free to reach out to me.

Unrelated to music, I’ve been making face masks. They are 2-layer, cotton, adjustable elastic, child S through adult XL sizes, and larger versions have a filter pocket and fitted nose piece. They’re in the pick-up bin at my studio, and free to anyone who wants one. (Also happy to mail for those who live out of town.) I suggest taking home one in the size you think you need, washing it before trying on, and then if you like the fit either help yourself to more from the bin (I drop off a couple dozen in various sizes each week) or reach out to me about a custom order. This is my “pay it forward” project. Though I’m not charging for the masks I encourage you to support a local food bank or other charity helping people through the difficult times we’re facing.

Schedule Flexibility:

  • Group classes will remain at currently scheduled times unless a majority of the members express a need to change.
  • Private lessons however can be flexible. (The advantages of being online!) Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need a one-time or longer-term adjustment to your private lesson schedule. 

Looking forward to the new academic year. See you next week in lessons and groups!

Miss Sarah

Updated August 6, 2020